Grafana support for ENTRADA

Grafana is a graph and dashboard builder for visualizing time series metrics stored in Graphite.

The metrics generated by ENTRADA give an insight into the working of the PCAP to Parquet conversion process as well as into network data metrics. Metrics include, among others, distinct number of IP adresses or DNS query types in the data.

The following shows the Grafana dashboard which displays the current import status of ENTRADA.

ENTRADA import dashboard

This Grafana dashboard displays the DNS metrics gathered during data import.

ENTRADA DNS dashboard



Grafana depends on Graphite, see Graphite for installation instructions.


For the full Grafana installation instructions, see the official Grafana documentation.

Import ENTRADA dashboards

The ENTRADA installation package contains a "grafana-dashboard" folder which contains example Grafana dashboard for ENTRADA. These dashboards can be imported through the Grafana web ui.