An open source platform for network data analytics

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Analyze the Parquet data equivalent of about 50 terabytes of pcap data in under 3.5 minutes with a small 4 data-node cluster. Read the performance evaluation in our research paper.


Use an efficient columnar data format with a massively parallel SQL query engine for low latency and high concurrency analytic queries.

Query Language

Query your data using the SQL-92 standard and standardized interfaces for Java and Python, which makes it easy for anyone to start analyzing network data

Data model

Using a data model designed for DNS/IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP network data enabling fast analytics with precomputing, enrichment and pre-joining of request and response packets.


View real-time process and network data metrics with Graphite and Grafana dashboards. Visualizing ENTRADA processes and ingested network data.


Automatic conversion to a columnar data format with efficient compression and encoding schemes is used to optimize the data volume and query performance.


The ENTRADA privacy framework integrates the legal, technical and organisational aspects of privacy management.


Availability of multiple support channels for users and developers. Contact us for any questions about support.