SIDN Labs is the Research team of SIDN, the domain name registry for the .nl ccTLD. We develop and evaluate new technologies and systems with a goal of further enhancing the stability and security of .nl, the DNS and the infrastructure of the wider internet. The results of our work include prototypes, performance analyses, standards, articles and reports. SIDN Labs focuses particularly on DNS scalability and security, DNS big data and privacy and identity management.

We have developed ENTRADA to help us analyse very large volumes of DNS traffic. ENTRADA helps us to increase the stability and security of the .nl-zone and the global internet infrastructure by enabling new applications and automated services that scan our DNS traffic for anomalies and threats.

The ENTRADA deployment at SIDN currently contains more than 4 years of DNS traffic from our name servers, which equates to over 1 trillion DNS queries and responses. Every day, we add about a billion more rows to the database. The ENTRADA applications that we are working on include algorithms for phishing detection and the identification of botnet traffic.

By releasing ENTRADA as an open source project we hope to create a community of ENTRADA users. New applications based on ENTRADA can aid in further enhancing the stability and security of the internet as a whole.